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Watch our quick intro video!


Watch our quick intro video!

An award-winning game of skill, strategy and creation

Beasts of Balance: Core Edition

Jenga meets Pokémon in this challenging and fun family game for 1-5 players. Build balancing towers and fabulous worlds in this award-winning game of skill, strategy and creation. Play together to stack magical Artefacts and watch as they evolve your world on a connected digital device. But take care… the world ends when the tower falls!

Battle Cards: Expansion Pack

Gear-up for battle with these 16 digitally enhanced Battle Cards. Channel magical might in every battle and Smite!, Hex!, and Nope! your way to victory. Conjure powerful effects to bolster your region and blast your opponents. Adds an entirely new dimension to Battles mode. Uses NFC technology to bring physical cards’ digital effects to life. Includes: 16 x NFC Battle Cards.

About Sensible Object

Technology shouldn’t divide us. It should bring us together, and improve our quality of life.

Our goal is to take everything that’s inspiring and entertaining about digital play, and to merge it with a design approach that’s rooted in a practical understanding of home and family life.

Our games are unique, combining physical, digital and imaginative play like never before.